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I Can't Hold It

Theater Show & Video Art  (2015)

A man and a woman are wondering through varying landscapes.
They move on the threshold of natural existence and brutality.
They are trying to grasp…. Something…
A man and a woman as an archetype.
A man and a woman like you and me.
Young couple who wants to conquer the world, or at least to build in it a home.


"Actions and movements from the reality of the israeli occupation are copied and reflected in private and romantic spaces."  (YNET)


Premiered at Acco, The international Fringe Theathre Fesival 2015 ISRAEL


Created by Ophir Ben Simon and Merav Dagan 
Performers : Ophir Ben-Shimon, Merav Dagan, Morris Rosenthal, Reut Shaibe
Video: Ophir Ben Simon
Lighting Designer : Amir Castro
Producer and show manager : Reut Shaibe
Year of production : 2015
Running Time : 65 min

Running Time video: 11:03 min

Supported by the Suzanne Dellal Centre and the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport. 

Festival Screening

Best video for Acco Theathre Fesival 2015 

Fresh Paint 2019

Tmuna Theater ( 2016-2017)

Indie Gallery , Shvil Hamertz 5

Gallery Binyamin, Shvil Hameretz 3

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