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Tonic Clonic is a multi-disciplinarian super-group who has begun to build an audience of fans and curiosity around their underground and wild performances in Tel Aviv, and throughout Israel. By means of obscure and decadent texts about human experience, a musical combination between dark cabaret, psychedelic rock and bitter melodic pop melodies, they create a total and colorful experience for both eye and ear. The six-member band artists who come from different fields, combine ecstatic expressive performance with dance, video art and costumes creating an atmosphere that swirl the senses. The video clip above, for one of their songs, “Kol HaEtsev Haze” (All This Sadness), was released in the beginning of November 2017 as well as its single which was played on various radio stations and both received enthusiastic reviews. Their debut album is expected to be released in Feb 2019 and will be produced by Orel Tammuz (KIDS FLY, UMLALA, KIM). 



Members of the ensemble: Ophir Ben Shimon – Music, Lyrics & Vocals /// Nili Fink - Electric Guitar & Vocals /// Dor Heitner- Bass Guitar & Vocals /// Itay Hamudi– Drums & Keyboard /// Meirav Dagan – Vocals & Dance /// SHAKED MOCIACH– Vocals & Dance

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