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בנש הפקות סטודיו עצמאי להפקות וידאו וסטילס

: במגוון רחב של פרוייקטים אומנותיים ויצירתיים

 קליפים, סרטי תדמית, סרטונים ויראלים, טריילרים, מופעי במה

אופיר בן שמעון – קולנוען , פרפורמר, יוצר רב תחומי

בוגר החוג לקולנוע וטלויזיה באוניברסיטת תל אביב

סרטיו הקצרים שירותי נשים (2007) איש ישן (2010) והתרוממות רוח (2013) השתתפו וזכו בפרסים בפסטיבלים שונים ברחבי הארץ והעולם

אופיר עובד כבמאי /צלם/ עורך בפרוייקטים אומנותיים שונים ומגוונים

ביים וידאוקליפים למוזיקאים יהוא ירון, סן טיילור, טוניק קלוניק, גבריאל בלחסן ועוד

Balconytv Tel Aviv יוזם במאי וצלם הפרוייקט

בתחום הבמה יצר את המופע "זה כל הזמן בורח לי" שהופיע בפסטיבל עכו ותיאטרון תמונע

.מקים וסולן להקת טוניק קלוניק, הרכב רב תחומי המשלב מוזיקה, פרפורמנס וויז'ואל

Ophir Ben Shimon
Filmmaker, Performer, Multidisciplinary Creator

Graduated from the Department of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University,

and Visual Communication Studies at WIZO Haifa.

His short films, Women's Services (2007) A man asleep (2010) and

Elevation (2013) participated and won prizes at various festivals throughout Israel and  the world and were screened as well on Israeli and international television channels. In 2016, Ophir participated in the residency program - Short in the Desert - a creative incubator for developing scripts.

These days he is releasing his fourth short film Intimacy (2022) and working on his first feature-length film I Am This.


Ben Shimon's artistic projects connect and combine screen art with the performing arts.

Between 2013-2019 he created, directed and filmed the project Balconytv Tel Aviv, a global viral project documenting music performance on the rooftops of Tel Aviv. Among the participants: Neta Berlizi, Esther Rada, Marina Maximilian.

During those years he directed videoclips for the musicians Yehu Yaron, Sun Taylor, Gabriel Balachsan Tonic Clonic and others. In April 2019, he gave a lecture in a conference at Capsule Film Workshops Center about the video clips trilogy “Sadness Rhythm” he created for the Tonic Clonic band. His
videos have resonated widely and won many awards.

In the Stage field Ophir is the creator, founder and soloist of the Tonic Clonic band, a multi-disciplinary ensemble that combines music, performance and visual. After three years of activity and performances at the last InDNegev Music Festival, the band's debut album HaBaita Kvar (Home Already) has been released in February 2019.

In addition, he created and performed together with choreographer Merav Dagan, the stage performance I Can’t Hold It (2015) which premiered in the official competition of the 35th Acre Fringe Theatre Festival 2015 and won the award for Best Video. It continued to perform regularly at the Tmuna Theater (Tel Aviv) between 2015-2017. In addition, the video work is presented separately in galleries and museums in Israel and abroad. In 2019 the video presented at the Fresh Paint Exabition.

In 2013 Ophir served as a dramaturge and appeared in the work I See Them Coming by Merav Dagan.
It won the Gvanim BeMachol (Shades in Dance) Competition 2013.





Intimacy / 4K / 20:02 min


 Elevation / Hd / 20:40 min

15th Tel-Aviv International Student Film Festival  (7/13)

29th Haifa international film festival ( 9/13)

32nd Uppsala International Short Film Festival ( 10/13)

12rd Gold Panda tv festival (11/13)

8th Zubroffka International short film festival ( 12/13 )

23rd Washington Jewish Film Festival (03/14)

9th Kinoki Film Festival (3/14)

41st The Festival of Nations (06/14)

08th Golden Anteaters International film festival (10/14)

08th TiSFF, Thessaloniki, Short Film Festival (10/14)

25th  San Diego Jewish Film Festival (02/15)



A man asleep / 16mm / 15:40 min

 (Best "Short 16mm film" (London Student Film Festival  *** 

(Nominated for " Best Short " (14th cineMAiubit International student festival  *** 

(Nominited for " Best Acting" (London Student Film Festival  *** 

(03th European Cinema Award "Universidad de Sevilla"  (10/10 

( 10th Sevilla European Film Festival  ( 9/10 

(01th Itzon film festival  (11/10

 (14th cineMAiubit student festival (12/10

04th Cape winelands film festival  ( 3/11) 6th Marbella International Film Festival (10/11

 (05th Alto Vicentino festival (6/11

( 16th Portobello Film Festival ( 2/11

( 11th pisek International Student Film Festival (10/11

( 01th London Student Film Festival ( 2/12

( 08th Berlin International Directors Lounge  (10/12



Women Toilet / Dv  / 12:04 min

( 5th the Tel aviv international LGBT film festival (6/120

            (5th small bama  , Tel aviv film festival (tel aviv, 9/08


Music video


2022 Tonic Clonic/Everyone sits alone

2020 Tonic Clonic/Regression

2019 Tonic Clonic/True Love

2018 Tonic Clonic/All That Sadness

2015 Daniel Sapir/ Lo nogea/ HD/ 3:03

2015 Sun Tailor/ Spit Fire/ HD/ 4:35

2014-2013  BALCONY TV TEL AVIV / 102 Programs/ HD

2014  Sun Tailor / I'll make my way home / 2:29

2013  Nitzan Bernstien- Sea and spring/HD/3:02

2011 Yehu Yaron-It's not good time for writing songs/ HD /5:46

2008 Gavriel Balachsan-Ugly little Moris/ HDV / 5:21

2007 Gavriel Balachsan/ Frozen Ocean / HDV / 2:30

2005 Sigur Ros-Ny battery/ Dv  /  4:57

Video art

2015 I cant hold it /11:03 

*** Best video installasion Accu, The International Fringe Theatre festival 2015 ***

Fresh Paint Exabition(2019)
2011 Kitch 5:02

(Project Space 1646‎, The Hague (2012



2015   I can't hold it / 65 min

            35th  Accu, The International Fringe Theatre festival  2015

           12th  A-genre festival , Tmuna teather 2014 

 2015  TONIC CLONIC/ 45 min

           12th  Indie Negev 2018

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